The main characteristic of this material is the protection barrier against humidity to obtain greater shelf life of the product, combining OPP with other films as polyester, polyethylene or paper.

Among other characteristics, high transparency and brightness are featured, easy processing (printing, lamination) available in several calibers, different temperatures of sealing and can be printed in flexography or rotogravure.

Some application: packaging for cookies, snacks, chocolates, candies and labels.

Structure applications:

  • Laminated transparent film
  • Transparent mate laminated film
  • Hologram effect laminated film
  • High barrier film for snacks
  • Toilet soap Packaging film
  • OPP Mate – OPP Metalized film
  • OPOPP-Metalized OPP
  • OPP – Transparent PeLD
  • PP Cast – PeLD Film
  • OPP film with cold seal application
  • OPP film HS with Metalized ink
  • Promotional OPP belts

The printing of those packaging is made in flexography showing good resistance to impact;, it is a completely flexible material.

Structure applications:

  • PeLD Hygienics film
  • PE Bags

Those packaging materials show high resistance to humidity, hermetic sealed and high resistance to impact, can be printed in flexography or rotogravure, useful for packing liquids or frozen products.

Structure applications:

  • Laminated film for Sachet’s
  • Laminated Film for frozen products
  • Laminated Fil PET with PeLD

This material is advisable for complete protection of the product. Offers high resistance to gases and light, besides providing an attractive metallic appearance to the packaging

Structure applications:

  • Lamination for Packaging Dust beverage or milky (Stand Up Pouch)
  • Extrusion Lamination for packaging Dust beverage or milky
  • Lamination for Cap blister
  • Lamination for condiments packing

Economic packaging can be printed in flexography or rotogravure in different colors.

Some applications: packaging for smooth caramel, hard and chewing gum.